Commitment, strengths and botany


We offer you our expertise on a very wide range of plants.
Our botanical knowledge and our experience allow us to use the plant according to specific specifications, such as flower density, fragrance, speed of development, covering potential, degree of occultation, color, shape and volume, texture, competitiveness, autonomy, climatic resistance, etc.

We have the necessary hindsight to guarantee the proper development of the plants. Also, we keep our knowledge up to date on the phytosanitary state of plants in general in order to prevent the arrival of diseases or pests.

Thus, our plant palette adapts and diversifies over time in order to overcome this kind of problems.


The design office, as prime contractor, has all the decennial insurance necessary for the exercise of its activity as well as for all external works subject to compulsory insurance.
It ensures compliance with the state of the art in the execution of all the works.

Creativity, techniques and philosophy

Our skills, our experience, our drawing and computer tools allow us a great freedom of creativity while understanding the space in every detail with a precise look on the layout.
We anticipate the evolution of plants as well as the aging of materials in order to improve their viability. Our gardens have a high level of sustainability.
We are renewing our knowledge and our choices on the use of materials based on the latest innovations.

Mindful of ecological issues, we integrate systems and apply techniques that reduce water consumption.
As much as possible we orient our planning choices towards limiting the maintenance of plants and the maintenance of spaces. We are trying to get as close as possible to the utopia of the landscaper that is the autonomous garden.

Our garden projects are designed as an extension of the interior living space that is the habitat.

The gardens enhance the built heritage, new or old, by integrating it into an environment, in an atmosphere or in a well chosen style. They result from a real pictorial composition, from a particular arrangement which creates an aesthetic, sensory or cultural harmony.
But they are also the psychic enlargement of social space. They are designed to glow tranquility and well-being, as a lung of fresh air, to meet alone, with family or friends, comfortably, to exchange with its hosts, to have fun, to walk while contemplating nature, create links and share moments of life.

The gardens adorn and sublimate the places where men live, but are also a reflection of their culture and their society, their way of life and their personality. They are like a real heritage.

The consideration and convergence of all these aspects gives rise to successful projects and dazzling and charming gardens, up to your dreams.