Design, architecture and project management

Imagination, technical and implementation, a complete mission to carry out landscaping and exterior architecture projects.

The design office offers comprehensive services for designing gardens and outdoor structures. By mixing aesthetics and functionality, using plants, stone or wood, it composes the exteriors and alternates between trees and shrubs, terraces and pergolas, swimming pool and pool-house, paving and cobblestones. Design, technical studies and work monitoring are the three essential stages of a complete mission.

For the design, we produce visuals from all points of view, of varied atmospheres, at adapted scales, the whole integrated into the surrounding landscape. We create 3D videos which present the future gardens in the form of virtual tours.

The execution documents detail, by their number, by their nature, by their location or their technical profile, all the facilities (plantings, masonry structures, watering and lighting system) of the outdoor spaces. They allow contractors to estimate the cost of the work. We thus produce a price schedule for all the fittings.

The site monitoring services guarantee the smooth running of the project. We establish meetings and reports during the works, we communicate with the various actors of the project in order to create a real cohesion and to ensure a perfect execution of the site.

The construction site monitoring services guarantee the smooth execution of the project. We setup meetings and reports during the construction works, we communicate with the various project stakeholders in order to create a trustful cohesion and to ensure the perfect execution of the works.

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Technical documents

Creation of detailed documents for structures and layouts.


From the technical documents, edition of a price list schedule for the construction works.

Site monitoring

Management of the progress of the sites through meetings in order to ensure a smooth and perfect progress.
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Administrative procedures

We take care of declarations and permit requests to the town planning services for all exterior works requiring an authorization (swimming pool, terrace, pool house, etc.).

Maintenance schedule

We establish provisional schedules for the maintenance of the to-be garden, the different tasks to be completed according to the seasons and the intervention times necessary for the proper development of the garden.