Culture In Paysage is a design and landscape design office

Culture In Paysage is a design and landscape design office

Trees and shrubs, flowering plants, climbers and ground covers plants, green areas, terraces, swimming pools, pool houses, outdoor kitchens, pergolas, palisades, sports and leisure areas, paving, walls, lawns, ponds, rockeries and many more, are the landscape elements that regularly make up our garden designs.

We design your garden and your outdoor space using drawings, plans and 3D projections.

At the same time creative, technical and attentive, we meet your expectations while advising on the durability of the works, on the botanical choices, on the aesthetics and the association of the different components of the landscape and the garden.

We create gardens just as we paint a picture or create music. These are real compositions, a tangle, an arrangement of elements, resulting from various technical and artistic influences, which oppose and complement each other to create the desired harmony.

Listening to you to carry out your projects and support you.

Visualize your garden, master all the parameters


culture in paysage - bureau d'étude


Creativity and technicality combine to create dazzling, functional and sustainable gardens.
culture in paysage - projets réalisés


The portfolio illustrates some examples of the range of possibilities, current projects and completed projects.


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Our philosophy, our commitments, our integrity and our rigor offer you a large set of reliable and high quality services.
culture in paysage - arts et dessins


Sensitive to art and open to creativity, we exhibit some canvases and drawings produced by our service as additional support for cultural escape.


Jérôme Mure, founder of Culture In Paysage since 2010

Born in Cannes, Jérôme Mure grew up in the Alpes Maritimes. With a creative mind and a scientific background, Jérôme Mure was first passionate about botany and landscaping. As soon as he passed his scientific bachelor degree, he graduated from an Advanced Technician Diploma in landscaping. He worked for a landscaping company in the public sector and then for another company in the high-end private sector. He then reveals himself, confirms his growing passion for this field and continues his studies in a preparatory class for the competition of the national higher schools of landscape, then integrates the national higher school of architecture and landscape of Lille (ENSAPL). Back on the French Riviera, he created Culture In Paysage in 2010 as a design office and company. He goes on with sketches, plans and worksites. Today, Culture In Paysage is exclusively a design and landscape design office, which, over time and experience, has surrounded itself with a network of experienced professionals with whom it collaborates for the realization of his projects.

Jérôme Mure - Culture in Paysage

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